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Sidewalker Late to Work iOS Endless Runner
Date March 2013
Client Gutpela
Work Objective-C, X-Code
Description Build from the ground up in openGL endless runner about walking the sidewalks of new york city

Piranha Pop Adult Swim Game
Date Feb 2013
Client ThisIsPop Adult Swim
Work ActionScript 3, Tweener
Description Flash Game form adult swim, used bitmap bliting and created custom physics solution to make the fish bouce of those blocks.
Pookie Snow Day iPad Bedtime Story
Date April 2012
Client Gutpela Interactive
Work Objective-C, X-Code
Description Crafted a iPad interactive children's book about a hedgehog preparing for winter.

A&E Ice Road Truckers Vertical Scroller Game
Date December 2011
Client This Is Pop A&E History Channel
Work Programming, Game Design, Action Script 3.0
Description Built a driving game for This Is Pop based on A&E's hit television show ice road truckers.
Nestle Resource Water Banner Campaign
Date January 2012
Client Transistor Studios Nestle
Work ActionScript 3, Tweener, After Effects
Description From video sequence mockup took complex animation and created a banner campaign for nestle spring water.

Well Spring Pitch Interactive Globe Pitch
Date December 2011
Client Transistor Studios
Work ActionScript 3
Description Build a pitch idea in flash for well spring group

Sky Pigs OMGPOP Multiplayer Helicopter Game
Date February 2011
Work ActionScript 3
Description Made OMGPOPa Multiplayer Helicopter Game, Game got over 4 million plays!

Fleet Fighter OMGPOP Multiplayer Battleship thestudionyc
Date Janury 2011
Work ActionScript 3,
Description Made OMGPOP a Multiplayer Battleship Game

Bulgari Winter Promotion Online Catalog
Date November 2010
Client Chandelier Creative Bulgari
Work ActionScript 3, MVC, google Analytic, excel
Description Worked with Chandelier Creative to build online winter promotional catalog. Made some fantastic snow effect.
Billareds & Deer Hunting Games Flash advert games
APE Examples
Date September 2010
Client Domain Studios , USA GOLD
Work Actionscript Game level design,
Description Worked with Domain studio to finish some advert games and level designs.
WWE Moves SyFy YouTube Hompage Banner thestudionyc
APE Examples
Date September 2010
Client Glow Interactive
Work ActionScript 3, Google Double Click
Description Worked with glow interactive on front page youtube banner campaign .
Maytag Holidays Flash Mini-Site
APE Examples
Date December 2009
Client Transistor Studios , MayTag
Work Web Development, ActionScript 3, Flint Particle System
Description Worked with Transistor Studios to develop a holiday site for Maytag. Complex video cue point and timing, uses flint practical system to create realistic snow

Ray-Ban Remasters. Flash Site thestudionyc
APE Examples

Date September 2009
Client Transistor Studios , Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Work Web Development, ActionScript 3, Animation
Description Worked with Transistor Studios to develop a mini site for Ray-Ban Sunglasses. Site features popular india musicians commissioned to recreate their favorite songs from the 50's. Includes photos, music video and exclusive song download section.

Putt Putt Penguin. Multiplayer Mini Golf Game
APE Examples

Date January 2009
Client aka
Work Game Design, ActionScript 3, Interface Graphics, BOX2D
Description Worked with to develop a multiplayer miniature golf game. Over 1 million plays!
Tracism. Multiplayer Maze Game
APE Examples
Date November 2008
Client aka
Work ActionScript 3, Interface Graphics
Description Worked with to develop a multiplayer maze game. Over 2 million plays!
Coronary Invaders. Educational Coruse & Game Development
APE Examples

Date May 2008
Client Pixel Workshop, Innovia, Schering Plough
Work Flash Programming, After Effects, Graphics, Papervision 3D, APE ( Actionscript Physics Engine )
Description Medical Webiner including a interactive simulation of the blood stream. You control a hero platelet and attempt to avoid a blood clot while a helpful Doctor explains the effects of heart drug treatments.

Fortran. Game Development
Date September 2006
Work Game Development {Programming, Character Animation, Graphics, Level Design} Video Production {Primer, After Effects}
Description Splicing platform game play with video content. Help lovable computer Hero FORTRAN explore the outdoors to uncover the weekly show.

Gutpela. Application

Date December 2007
Client Kristus
Work Application Planning and Development, Action Script, Graphics, PHP, MySQL, XML
Description Media archive displaying both video and photography. Media is pulled form a database based on users search queries. Corresponding Meta data is displayed along side media.